If you are creative, you should get a degree in art. But there are many people who don’t feel the confidence to pursue art as they think that not enough job is available to them. But the circumstances have changed. There are now plenty of job opportunities for someone with an art degree. The skills that you learn in the art are greatly valued and transferable to different sectors. An art graduate gains observational, research and analytical skills which help them to solve creative problems. They also learn to work in groups and independently as well. Here are the top careers you can choose if you have an arts degree.

Fine artist


It is the most common career chosen by graduates of art. Apart from talent and dedication, you also need to have stamina and self-confidence to promote yourself. You can also work as a studio assistant or sell your work in shops. A fine artist can also choose to be an art teacher alongside developing their skills as an artist.



Illustrators use their creative skills to communicate ideas to a specific group of audiences. They work on a freelance basis for different clients. They often specialize in one medium, like photography, drawing, or digital illustration. They can create designs for book cover as well. You should demonstrate your skills with CAD techniques.



You can become a photographer to with an art educational background. There are lots of scopes for photographers now. You can take photographs of weddings, advertising, photojournalism, and more. You can choose fashion photography as well. Fashion photography and wedding photography are very competitive fields now. You need to invest a lot in equipment in this profession. You should create a great portfolio and start promoting your product both in online and offline platforms.



As an animator, you can work in the visual effects department on a film. You must create a video portfolio to apply for this kind of work. You need to have very good artistic talent and excellent technical skills to become an animator.

Graphic designer


Graphic designers can create design solutions that have a high visual impact. You can work with a creative director. To be a graphic designer you need to be an expert in computer packages like Photoshop.

Arts administrator


An art administrator organizes various arts activities to make sure that they are carried out properly. If you are good at organizing, should go for this career. Being an art administrator, you can play different community and social roles.



You can create art using a printing press. You have to master techniques like block printing, etching, woodcuts, lithography, etc. You can have good opportunities in this field.

With so many career choices, now you know that having an arts degree can open doors to different opportunities. So, you should pursue arts degree if you have the creativity in you.

7 careers you can choose with an art degree