If you do embroidery works at home, then the tools you use are very important. You should have a good collection of tools for your needlework. Here are five important tools you need for embroidery.

The right needle

The needle is the most basic tool used in embroidery. There are many types of needles available. You need to choose the right one for your work. By using the right needle, your work will become more comfortable, and you will get better results. You can choose from crewel needle, tapestry needle, milliner needle, etc.

Embroidery hoops and frames

The embroidery hoop helps to keep your embroidery fabric taut which makes stitching easier. You will find different types of embroidery hoops on the market. You can start buying plastic hoops at stores. Later, you can buy a wooden hoop. You can also find slate frames, bar frames, scroll frames, etc.


A good pair of scissors is necessary for doing needlework. You can get embroidery scissors from stores. These scissors are different than the normal craft scissors. They have smaller and thinner blades. The blades are sharp. Small and sharp scissors have many advantages. One reason is that it can get close to the ground fabric and cut the threads properly.

Good lighting

When you are doing embroidery work, good lighting is important. It will create less pressure on your eyes and so you can look to see the details better. You can buy craft lights from craft stores.


You need storage to keep all your tools. By having a dedicated container, you can keep your embroidery tools organized and take them out when required.

You must have these essential embroidery tools handy before you start an embroidery project. It is better to have spare tools as well it case you loose some of them.


5 essential tools you need for embroidery