Glass painting is simple and fun to do. People of any age can try it. To do good glass painting, you need to have knowledge of the various kinds of paint, medium, and preparations. Here are some tips that will help you do some great glass paintings.

Preparation of surface


The first thing we should do before we start our painting is to make sure that the surface is free of grease and dirt. You should wash the surface with warm water and soap. You may have to use gloves when handling glassware as the natural oils from your hands can smudge the surface. It is necessary for your glassware to be dry. So, you need to wipe the surface with a dry towel.



As glass is transparent, the paint coverage may not be well. To get a more opaque effect, you should apply several coats of paint. You should allow time for the first coat of paint to dry before applying the next coats. You should place the white paper inside the glass while painting so that you can see how the artwork is coming up.



You can use acrylic enamel paints that are durable. The mixing of paints must be proper. You should shake the bottles before applying. If necessary, stir them gently. You should never mix glass paint with water. It will weaken the strength of the paint weakly and will not stick to the surface properly. It is better to use the paint straight from the bottle.

These are the proper steps to do glass painting. It is a wonderful form of art, and you can decorate a place nicely with glass painting.

3 tips for doing glass painting the proper way